Friday, April 5, 2013


2013 is very beautiful year for me . Everything I do went smoothly .
a) Done my degree .
b) Had a very good relationship with my friends .
c) Meeting new people
d) Continue serious gym
e) See results in my new routine
f) Get my car painted satisfied

As a conclusion this is my favorite year so far in my life . Thank you . Good bless

Thursday, April 5, 2012

2012 Resolution

Thank you for all the positive friends around me . I really appreciate it . For that positive energy I do believe in the law of attraction .  A lot of people are giving me advices about what I should do to be better than I am now . Thanks a lot .

Hence , I have a new resolution for this year which are :
a) To be more proactive .
b) To make more friends .
c) To have a better body shape .
d) To stay focus on what I am doing and understand them .
e) Need to be more organize .

Thanks again for those who always support and give advise to me . Have a nice day :)

Sunday, March 11, 2012


Have you ever wonder why we are here in this world . I have been thinking about this since the beginning of the year and now is worsen i have no aim in my life as i have last time i don`t know what i should do anymore . I don`t know what i want already . I have no sense of direction anymore like i used to have . What actually happen to me I also want to know why is this happening to me ? hmm just wondering if anyone having the same problem as me ? Feel free to comment .

Sunday, December 18, 2011

End of 2011 and new year 2012 resolution

The year 2011 is a very busy and hectic year but through this I noticed the importance of family and friends who always supports me whenever I`am down . In this year I have learn many things compared to the year before . I noticed myself growing not only physically but mentally as well . There`s one article I read about if you do not meet new friends or read new things within 5 years time you will be the same person as you were in the past 5 years . In the past 5 years I looked back i have been improving a lot ever since my high school time . I like my current life very much although it can be even better but what I understand is in order to achieve something you need to sacrifice something . I don`t want to sacrifice anything no more especially the time with family and friends . Although many of you will think that`s not the most important thing in life but I don`t think so . When you get older in life you will learn to observe more rather than rushing in and out without thinking . In year 2011 I have make many new friends and I get a lot closer with my current friends and the relationship between family members also closer . I wish this will continue forever until I`m not around anymore . In year 2012 , I hope everything will go smoothly especially my internship I`m very eager to go to this intern because I really want to learn practical things instead of studying theory that sometimes is unpractical in real cases . In year 2012 also I hope I can make even more friends , get even closer to my friends and even closer to my family. If you all have anything you want to comment please do so . Have a nice day :D

Monday, September 5, 2011

Stop and think a while

Have you ever think about how and why you are doing a things . A wise man once say i choose to stop running and get out from the running track to look for a better route instead follow all the blind people running in a circle . The leason learn here is try to pause on what you are doing and think carefully about the route that you are choosing and not blindly follow the route of other people .

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

As a reminder for myself

As a reminder for myself whatever you do , do it 101 % if not don`t bother to do it

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Give up

Just felt like writing things down . I felt is very difficult to express your feelings to ur friends anymore cause i think there`s a huge gap between us . My friend once told me a very interesting story about a proton car versus a ferrari car . In conclusion this story tells us if u were born to be a proton car whatever shit u try to do will not make u a ferrari car . I am very tired of my daily life routine i hope i can change this routine when the time comes . Just notice something very important sometimes things are meant to be unknown better than to be known trust me there are certain things in life that apply this concept .