Sunday, December 18, 2011

End of 2011 and new year 2012 resolution

The year 2011 is a very busy and hectic year but through this I noticed the importance of family and friends who always supports me whenever I`am down . In this year I have learn many things compared to the year before . I noticed myself growing not only physically but mentally as well . There`s one article I read about if you do not meet new friends or read new things within 5 years time you will be the same person as you were in the past 5 years . In the past 5 years I looked back i have been improving a lot ever since my high school time . I like my current life very much although it can be even better but what I understand is in order to achieve something you need to sacrifice something . I don`t want to sacrifice anything no more especially the time with family and friends . Although many of you will think that`s not the most important thing in life but I don`t think so . When you get older in life you will learn to observe more rather than rushing in and out without thinking . In year 2011 I have make many new friends and I get a lot closer with my current friends and the relationship between family members also closer . I wish this will continue forever until I`m not around anymore . In year 2012 , I hope everything will go smoothly especially my internship I`m very eager to go to this intern because I really want to learn practical things instead of studying theory that sometimes is unpractical in real cases . In year 2012 also I hope I can make even more friends , get even closer to my friends and even closer to my family. If you all have anything you want to comment please do so . Have a nice day :D