Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I had a dream

I had a dream I wish i could ..... . ~

Friday, September 25, 2009

At the end, she turns out to be just another BITCH (Part 3)

Hey everyone, it's Dragon here again, today I'm gonna share another story to u guys..... of me, Dragon as a minor character in this story. (Setting: 1 year after the Cave of Madness incident, where dragon seems to be recovering from disappointment)
He has been a minor character from previous story, who only spoke one sentence, "sorry, got to go. I'll help u next time", ring a bell? yeah that's him handsome swordman Chris from the previous story. Chris is a cool swordman, he doesn’t speak much, but once he speaks guarantee he is the funniest one. Chris has a sad memory of being dumped by his first love Ms. G. This makes him loses confidence in having a next relationship. He’ll never expect that the appearance of her would turn things over 180 degree…..

One day, as usual, Chris was training in the forest of wealth(FOW), and that’s when a cute voice attracted Chris attention, as he turned around, he saw a pretty little witch was being disturbed by two thieves, they might bully a poor lil witch but they were too weak for Chris.... So, by two minutes time, Chris kicked their arshes out of the forest, he turned back to that lil witch, and realised that how pretty was the witch, she had a big eyes, long straight hair, fair skin etc etc.... ideal characteristics for every man. "My name is Jerssi." said the cute witch to Chris.

The forest is way too dangerous to the immature mage, after the pleading from Jerssi, Chris had no choice but to take care of her until they got out from the forest. It needs five days to get out from the fow, and that’s during this five-day- period, Chris and Jerssi had become more and more closer. They had been through many things: stealing the purple apples from a trees full of snakes, passing through the wolves area without waking them up, sleeping under star-lit sky…… all of these slowly made Chris, who doesn’t believe in LOVE, proving himself wrong, yes, he has fallen to her. However he didn’t dare to approach her, he was afraid of being hurt again, to be frank he didn’t know much about her yet.

It was the fifth day in FoW, they were close to the exit, but there were 2 stone giants in front of the gate trying to block them from going out. Quickly he jumped on one stone’s head, took out his sword, “Fire sla…..” but he was too late, not until he finish the ‘slash’, another stone stunned him, and then tossed him up to the sky, Chris fell down and couldn’t move, he is injured. “Chris!! tsunami strike!” Jerssi screamed and the 2 stone were being flushed away. Quickly Jerssi healed Chris, she was so worried about him…. one could actually notice some tears in her eyes too! Looking at his heroin, Chris flashed back, Jerssi was always by his side whenever he needed her, she healed him, supported him to fight strong monster, she even casted charms on him, and now she saved him. Chris couldn’t care so much now, all he wanted was to tell her, he loves her, and he wants her to be by his side forever. He was pretty sure that, Jerssi has the same feeling he has too.

That’s when, Chris looked her into eyes, and wanted to tell her how much he loves her….. a gang of people appeared in front of them, two of them were the thieves that he encountered the other day, and all of them have a ‘T’ mark on their hands! No, that’s the mysterious society in the country…. The T-society! Why are they here? Aren’t they supposed to go against those country traitors, or execute those unpunished? Why are they here?
“We must bring our princess back by all means!” and immediately, they hit Chris at his hand and caught Jerssi…..
“Chris, thanks for accompanying me these few days…. Bye…”. Jerssi and T-members disappeared.

Things went pretty confuse now, Jerssi was from T-society, and she didn’t ask for help when she got caught, instead she told Chris “bye!”, what? Was Chris a toy for her? “Who is she?” the question kept wandering in Chris’ mind. He thought he knew Jerssi much, but it turned out he didn’t at all…. Everything from Jerssi was a mystery now. Chris got injured from the attacks of T-members, he got serious bone cracking and result from that, he couldn’t hold two handed swords anymore. Chris lost almost everything…. Overnight…. He couldn’t believe Jerssi is one of them. However, the truth is the truth…. One could never deny it.

It’s been 2 months since the disappearance of Jerssi. One day, as usual Chris and his friends were drinking in a bar, and surprisingly he saw her! Yea that’s Jerssi, he didn’t see wrong. As Chris approached her, he noticed that there was another guy beside her, two of them seemed close and sweet. Chris was confused…. Jerssi realised that he was there, and quickly she held the guy’s hand and two of them quickly ran away. Looked at them….. Chris seemed to be happy a little bit now, and finally he smiled. Dragon came…

“Hey, was that the girl you told us that u met in FoW?”,
“Why was she here, and who is that guy?”,
“I dunno, probably the next victim.”, Chris smiled,
“??? What and what now?”,
“I don’t feel hurt anymore, let’s go to have some beer tonight! It’s on me!”

Chris put his hand on dragon’s shoulder and two of them walked back to the bar…


I think i had change a lot since last time till now and i am very sure this change is towards the correct path . .

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Cool video

This video was cool man just watch this guy dance .


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Monday, September 7, 2009

Mixed up feelings .

Nowadays my feeling are all mixed up . . I dont even feel anything even though i am happy or sad . . My feeling has just turned numb .. I only had 1 feeling that is frustrated scared things aren`t able to done in time .. I do not know what to do no sense of direction anymore ~