Tuesday, February 24, 2009

hello blogger=D

Hello everybody. I am here to help Mr Adrian Lim to blog. So called guest blogger addressed by me myself i. ahahhaa.

To introduce you,this is mr Adrian Lim, the blogger and he is very tall and energetic. He can get you pregnant. Oops. He can get you high i mean. So i am here to help him update his blog because well..i also dont knoe why i am here but anyway since i am here, lemme introduce myself =D

Well,as you can see now, this is me. My name is i.had a crush on you and you can call me to crush anything but i will not do anything to you. I will only curse you until you smell like potato.

Well. The first is always the worse. hahahah. So i will be off now and good luck mr Adrian lim=D

Signing off,
I am crazy!

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