Wednesday, April 15, 2009

|s like a treNd ??

Do you know what`s the trend so far in my school life or uni life ?? Everyone in my school since high school is like er ...... How to say leh ? Hmm u ask them eh bro ! study already ah ?? I tell you their answers will be er ?? no haven la study a bit a bit only la . Then ok lor nvm lor then when test the time scored almost full marks . This show`s what they are real fakers la some more what ? Zzzz . Till now I in university life this trends seem`s to be very famous too . Everytime asked my friends hey study already ah ?? n guess what u are rite again er ? no la haven or hmm study a bit nia not in details . =.= and guess what again they scored good marks again. Xianz liao . haiz . So this time smart already dont want ask d cause I already know what`s the answer .

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