Friday, May 1, 2009

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Sorry guys so long din update blog cause I didnt come back to klang due to the MUET examination in my school . Well many things happen this few weeks though . 1st of all the freaking MUET Zzzz it feels like argh I was like er ok ah ah ah siao liao when i get the essay part cause so long didnt write essay liao haiz . Nvm lor see how it goes la .

Then I had my english speech presentation Zz u know la i got stage phobia want mah was nervous lor that day but at least i did it la haha so proud of it . Lol madam was angry cause got 1 group hor 1 of them say too much and the other fellow just like MC only lucky I am the 1st group to present that is when madam was in a stable mood =D . Hope I get good results lor haha wish me luck though . hehe

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