Friday, May 1, 2009

It`s a girl boy thing

Just watch this movies I figured out it`s nice yea really it teaches me a lot of stuff . Hehe . Well the summary sounds like this :

It’s A Boy Girl Thing is a romantic comedy about next-door neighbours who live worlds apart. Woody Deane (Kevin Zegers) and Nell Bedworth (Samaire Armstrong) are sworn enemies.

Woody is the star quarterback of the Westdale Bay High School football team. Woody has it all – good looks, great personality, athletic ability and extreme popularity. With the Homecoming Game just around the corner, Woody is expecting to be drafted to a college team. Either that or he will end up working in his father’s kitchen accessory retail outlet, ‘Spatula World’. Whatever the future brings, Woody has the loving support of his parents Della (Sharon Osbourne) and Stan (Maury Chaykin).

Right next-door is the pretty (in a bookish way), academically astute and socially inept Nell, who also attends Westdale Bay High School. But she is there strictly for the education, attempting to fulfill a life long ambition of attending her dream Ivy League college, Yale. Her mother Katherine (Sherry Miller) has dedicated her lives to this dream – whilst her father Ted (Robert Joy) looks on exasperated.

Woody and Nell may attend the same high school and live in the same neighbourhood but they stay far away from each other. That is, until the two are thrown together on a school field trip, where a heated argument ensues. The fight is so strong and the words so bitter it results in a mysterious twist courtesy of a mischievous Aztec God. The next day they wake up in a very strange place: each other’s body.

Woody finds himself in Nell’s body, a fate worse than death. How many bowls of Katherine’s nutritious oatmeal will he have to consume? He can hardly cope with his new, organized, clean, not to mention boring, girly bedroom complete with her pet cat and soft rock music. He longs for the company of best friend Horse (Mpho Koaho), his head cheerleader girlfriend Breanna (Brooke D’Orsay) and her clique of A-list girls, Tiffany (Genelle Williams) and Chanel (Emily Hampshire). What upside is there being Nell? Well perhaps there is one benefit – like using this body as an entry ticket to an all-girl, all-night, all-out pyjama party. But Woody still has the big football game around the corner and with his new identity he may just miss his chance at a full scholarship and fulfilling his dream.

Things aren’t much better for Nell when she awakes in the body of Woody, in his messy bedroom, in his messy house, with his yelling and swearing mother calling him for breakfast, then sitting down to an unwholesome fried plate of goop. How can people live like this? Where is the order? There is an advantage, like getting a ride to school everyday instead of missing the school bus, and suddenly being part of the ‘in’ crowd. But panic soon hits when Nell realizes her entry interview with Yale Admissions is a week away and if things don’t change fast, she may never realize her dream.

In their new identities they set about to destroy each other’s reputation. Which, lets face it, is a fun thing to do to your worst enemy. But each other’s lives aren’t exactly what they first thought. And when you literally walk a mile in someone else’s shoes, whether they are football cleats or high heels, is the experience enough to change your perspective? Can a little bit of empathy and understanding take a relationship from infuriation to infatuation? And is the only way for Woody and Nell to get what they really want to finally work together? Woody and Nell are about to find out that falling in love can be an out-of-body experience….

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