Saturday, May 16, 2009


Yea at university life i learn a lot of things especially patient u know what at university life are dangerous i dont know y every 1 at here is like i must win u in test winning is a must if I lose u will very mou min ... Haiz cant we just compare with ourselfs u know compare with other ppl is a very sad and hurting procedure u know . So just be patient win urself 1st and dont compare with other is still the best =D . Lately everything is doing just fine so glad everything is doing fine u know haha so happy weeeee ..... In university I learn a lot of things through every individuals that i know u know la human`s are not perfect we do mistakes and learn from mistakes so everybody has it`s own good`s and bad`s too i learn a lot of good`s from my friends and throw lot`s of my bad`sss d thank u friends really appreciate u all la . !!

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