Friday, May 8, 2009

Social life

Ok well today topic is about social life . Ok well in my point of view people`s changes from time to time . Even my best buddies are hard to understand them . Just for example la the easiest way is a friend of mine which i know him since secondary school till now u will not know what he thinks about when u put him as ur allies u won`t not know when he will turn back and stab u . When he is ur enemy is even worse he will manipulate u and kills u . In high school we dont talk about other things la the most obvious thing is studies la , at high school till now rite when test are reaching u know la i always ask my friends lor eh u study finish d , almost 99 % of them will say aiya u siao ah i din study want la . Bla bla bla la . .. then till now at university still the same thing happen is like a trend to everyone u know. I dont know what happen to the society la . Study mah study la what`s the purpose u go university To study la of course !! argh so angry now . Then after exam`s rite will discuss lor with those pro`s and say aiya this want i wrong d la that 1 i wrong liao la end up results full marks .. .. Enough of faking la . Pls sometimes i dont know whether u can be trusted or not . When will u turn back and stab me ?

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