Monday, August 31, 2009

Flam-alone-Dragon(part 2 , please don’t ask me about part 1 )

Here is a story to share, a story of flaming dragon, how did he get so lonely staying alone in his castle, and why can't he flame anymore......

Once there was a happy flaming dragon, he stayed in his castle with all his friends surrounded him, he was satisfied with his life, but did feel kinda lonely sometimes seeing swordmen dated with wizards and witches. What is the feeling of love? perhaps he alredy forgotten that feeling which he had experienced once before he was hexed into flaming dragon.

However, one day.... was that a joke from heaven? or this is what they called destiny? flaming dragon found his true love, an almightly and beautiful sword, sange and yasha(sny), and who said dragon can't fall to a sword? sny has her own mind and able to control herself, so its not an easy task to equip it, whateva.... but the hardest task is that, sny is burried 1000 feet under the Cave of Madness with series combination of code to enter. There are tons of monster guardians named CL inside the cave as well to pretect sny and to test the determination of the seekers of sny.

That sounds impossible for FD to enter the cave and get the sword without a single injury, a dangerous task that FD would neva faced before, therefore he decided to bring 2 of his friends to go with him...... he found Chris, a handsome swordman, but he replied "sorry, got to go. I'll help u next time". He found Xela, another handsome knight who had just failed approaching a girl, he agreed, becoz he didn't wan FD to repeat his step. He found sundae, an archer, but he was too busy defending of the Ancient. So fd end up having a partner to go with him only. Just when they had prepared, and decided to head for the cave, a fairy appeared in front of him, named Nairda(don doubt, its a male name), he said he would love to go with FD too, but he didn't know how to fight, so he only appear when they needed him, and he would cast some good spells on them when it's neccessary. So FD and Xela and 'sometimes' Nairda started their advanture to the Cave of Madness.

So the very first task, before reaching the cave is that, they must obtain the series combination of code which is required to enter cave of madness. The only person who knew the code is a weapon smith J Jr. , and with his generous personality, he joined FD group and supplied the geography about the cave, he wanted to get some Elunium from the cave to refine weapons as well. On the way to cave of madness was a long tough way, sometime they missed some junctions which made them lost in the middle of the jungle, sometimes they got caught by Alibaba, just to have lunch in Arab, sometime FD decided to give up, he was afraid that he can't manage to equip sny since she is a powerful sword. However with the support of Xela, Nairda and J, fd was able to stand up from failure and be courage head for the cave again.

Approximately 3 weeks time, when fd and his gang finally reached cave of madness, its just the time when they were about to spell the series combination of codes and they realised that.... there is only one person be able to enter the cave once(what it meant is, one person spell out the code and enter, the door close, only the other person spell out the code and enter). That's fine, so J would enter 1st, he spelled '0159xxxxxx' and miraclely the door opened, J entered and promised to wait him inside the cave. Now is Xela's turn, he told fd to stay outside and let him enter 1st to finish off most of the CL monsters inside so that fd can focus on digging the hole later on. So again.... the code, and Xela entered, the door closed. Finally its fd's turn, he was so excited, with a little bit of nervous, from the day he started the advanture until now, he improved a lot, he gained confidence and he was sure that he could beat up the CL monsters in the cave with Xela's help. Before he enter, the fairy Nairda appear, he gave some advices to fd and cast a goodluck spells to him, 'adadabacadabra....' and there go the bravehearted flaming dragon roared!

'0159xxxxxx!' the flaming dragon shouted out loud, wind blew, dust flew, but nothing happens to the door.... what had just happened? as fd just started wondering was he mispelled the code? he tried for the second time, the third time.... until the 1000th time, until his throat finally got thirsty, until he lost his voice, the saddest thing was that, he lost his flaming ability due to the damages of his throat, there was nothing wrong with the code, yet the door was never opened. Flaming Dragon who ain't flame, sounds ironic..... he was exhauted, couldn't do any single damage anymore, he had zero offence now.

That was the time when flaming dragon sat down and felt really really upset about himself, the door of cave of madness finally opened, with 2 dead bodies being thrown out, oh my god, that's Xela and J! another guy came out, with the equiped sny, who was he? he had no idea, he wouldn't be the CL guardian monster would he? Dragon couldn't beat him, he knew... what was he going to do? 'Run', the first intension of his mind bothered him, he didn't wan to be a loser, a coward, but what else can he do? he couldn't fight anymore...... At the end of the story, flaming dragon grabbed the dead body of J and Xela, and decided to run away. He didn't know the reason why the door neva opened, was that the sword did not acknowledge his power? or by the time he wanted to enter the cave, sny alredy been equiped by the secret fighter? GOD knows perhaps..... Ever since from that day flaming dragon can't flame anymore, and being bothered by his guilty conscience(the death of his friends), he became a lonely dragon, often stepped out from his castle, and refused to see anyone anymore. Can anyone save the flaming dragon? superman? hell, he can't save shit. #The End#

This story is based on the real event happened somewhere in this world (with some modifications), however the characters are fictional. Thanks for reading.

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