Saturday, August 15, 2009

Summary of my holiday . .

Well my beloved holiday has just end n u know what it really end up not well . Ok the 1st day cause of H1N1 my uni close and I forgotten to hand in my drawing so I went and ask the lecturer can I hand in my work after the holiday she said yes but early morning . that day I had classes on 11 am but I need to wake up at 7 now =. - Ok that ends day 1 the 2nd day was even worse I was open my assignment for autocad and I found out that my laptop got virus n I take the decision to format my pc . After hours formating my pc i reinstall everything and what is unexpected was the file for autocad backup cannot be read . So I dont have autocad in my computer now how sucky was that . the nxt day was trying to study but what happen was I really dont have the mood to study whenever i study for like 15 min I`ll go watch tv and do other stuff except study .. I know all of my frens have been studying for this holiday but I am not I dont know what happen to me . The nxt thing was the ptptn loan stuff my fren told me that the stem hasil need to be matikan so I went to the pejabat there n u know what they told me .. ur this document must fill up 1st everything including the signature of the saksi and stuff like that . . then I was like stunned at there . U know last time dont have this law also cause last time I borrow ptptn before but dont have this law also that time that fellow just matikan for me only . The 4th day of my holiday well I was trying to study malaysian study but study until half way I dont have the mood to study anymore because the whole thing say chinese last time what what la if not malay what what so good bla bla bla then there are no chinese in this country I was like walao like that say also can y don`t u think another way round if malaysia no chinese malaysia the economy sure hapus . . So that`s the summary of everything la nothing good is happening to me . .

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