Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Friends ..

Dear dairy .
In this society is true that we need friends to support us when we were down or unhappy . Well there are my type`s of friends or categories in my point of view . Well 1st of all there were friends that is when they saw u n say hi n bye that`s not bad actually . Because they didnt backstab u or what so ever . Ok the 2nd type of friends is those that took advantage of u . Seriously they know u r good to them so they make good use of u n take advantages from u for their own benefits . This type of friends r not bad also in a matter of fact . On the other hand , the 3rd type of friends that`s the worst type of friend that pretended to be very buddy with u in front of u but they instead backstab u when u r not around this type of people are losers . Damn it !! . N finally the 4th type of friends that i should categories as best friend they care about u and want to help u whenever u need them . They play with u share stories sadness happineess any stuff to u . That`s the friend i am searching for . N I know U r the one . N I hope U treat me as a BEst friend of urs n if anything U can find me or just sms me or msn me la i will reply u ASAP if i saw it . OK ?

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