Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A Very exhausted day ..

Today was the most exhausting day of my life .... GOsh the previous nite icould not sleep and around 3 am only i able to sleep in peace . Ok then today morning around 7 am i woke up n found out that it was raining outside but i know that i can`t skip classes today cause today classes r important to me . Ok so i skip breakfast today n went to class n nobody was there . After another 5 minutes like that my friend were at the lecture room so we chat a little n the lecturer n most of the students arrived d . After that my break was at 11 am so i quickly went to the canteen and eat n after that my another class is at 2 pm so i have gap in between . Therefore , I went to ITMS which is known as the computer room n online for a while . But i noticed that no ppl was online on that time so I decided to go buy the text book since my lecturer SAY it was COMPULSORY stupid la use 1 sem n didnt use it d . Nvm so I went to the bookshop at 12 pm like that what`s hurt the most is the bookshop closed n there wrote will open back at 2 pm because lunch hour . I was like WTF I walk so far to the bookshop below the sun and u told me open back at 2 pm . Zzz . But what to do I had classes at 2 pm so I walk back to my lecture room n waited for the class to begin . Ok my this 2pm class ends at 4 pm after I had english class that is from 5 pm to 9 pm Yea U didnt read wrongly 5 PM TILL 9 PM . Today my english lecturer tell us our impromptu speech that we did a few days ago n the my marks wasnt that pleasent . I think that the lecturer is very strict n is not GOOD at all . Hopefully I will get GOOD results in this Sem wish me luck man . Ok so after class 9 pm walk back to my apartment luckily on the way back i took my hands up for `tumpang` n surprisingly there were GOOD people in this world that fetch me back to my apartment so thankfull to that person la . THanks ya ! haha ok so was back to my apartment n really tired but unfortunately I wasn`t able to sleep as usual due to Insomnia . Omg la ....... N the days goes on ...... I still missing U .

Wish to sleep (=.=)

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