Tuesday, March 31, 2009

What a day ?!?

Today it started well , woke up at 7 am then eat at apartment till 730 am after that quickly go wait for bus to go class but the bus came at 750 am (=.=) so I was late to class thanks to the bus driver zzzz. . Ok then well nvm la cause i know that tmr I will have lunch with U so i dont think much lor . hehe . Then nvm after class around 10 am like that i finally figured out that I needed something so I decided to call U to bought it for me lor . then I call U and U answered the phone so I ask u can u help me to buy something , then u say can or i can borrow u mayb . then ok i also happy haha . After that i quickly ran to canteen to take away for my lunch that day . After that waited for bus to go back to apartment . Then when reach the apartment my friends decided to play a prank on me and quickly they took my phone to sms U . But on that time I thought it was ok . So i ignored it and waited for u to reply n u did reply a few minutes after the sms was being sent . Then i decided to online to find some people to chat and I saw U onlining so started chatted with U lor . After that I explain to U actually is my friend send the sms de then u tell me ok . So ok lor nothing much happen . But I know u sure will have shock after seeing the sms . Unfortunately , on the night when I sms U asking whether tmr is what time lunch U did not reply me for a while then U replied me I was so happy to see that U are replying but sadly so sadly that the sms I received wasnt the sms I wanted . U telling me that tmr U can`t have lunch with me due to some personal problem so I was like oo then ok la nvm la nxt time ba or something . On the 2nd thought I know it should have to do with the sms earlier on . ( No offence tot U i just trying t0 share this incident with my bloggie n I am sorry if I had done wrong sorry ) . This is not the 1st time is being like this and indeed this is the 3rd time I am being ffked although it`s just a ffk but I do mind lor . Once`s again sorry.

Signing off ,
The guy that trying to understand U .

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