Monday, April 6, 2009

The |iFe i wanted ...

Well I always wanted a life that is full of joy u know with a bunch of friends ( girls n boys ) hanging around for movies or do anything together . I thought I could have this type of life when i came in university but I was totally wrong on the 1st day of my university life I was shocked to see that almost 80% of girls are malays . Zzzzzz omg la . haiz . Now my life is still the same dull noob and what to say a bunch of mah lat lou`s ( boys ) again . Which they I don`t know how to explain la sometimes they are good to u sometimes they r not . Well u know la guys everything also want win want they show their ego infront of girls and I dont know what la . I am not like that la when it comes to comparing usually I dont like it cause it hurts feelings n use a lot dirty tricks to win . I hate it . So now I hoping to meet more people la especially girls so we can hang out together and be friends ya . ! hehe .

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