Monday, July 6, 2009

ah kam here

hi..u guys.Since adrian is sitting beside me now..feeling boared,i got permission frm him to use his blog..currently in itms and life sucks..dunnno how uniten works..fucking friend : adrian,alex,chua,kh did not manage to get appartment in cendi..pity them..hav to stay in ammanah now. Is it coz UNIT*N hav too many malays or wat ? Malay do works cannt trust at all..if room is reserved,y on earth they let our leng zai lex booked..even so,y can't UNIT*N inform tak boleh harap langsung UNIT*N..haha hopefully our menteri keagamaan al*x dun get angry when c this bad things about malay..haha sry al*x


  1. Menteri keagamaan should get respect from the others. WTF lah uniten sucks lah malay din support malay also (sorry al*x )!!! But kam i feel like u are not pity us from wat u wrote in the blog .... u are like "feng chi" us cannot stay in cendi ....

  2. may i know who is this anonnymous ? yea i totally agree uniten really sucks la make few of us stay at amanah hate it leh . ZZzz