Saturday, July 11, 2009

Since some ppl complain so I am here

Ok la u want update here u are paiseh la nothing to update leh . Ok la just random la last week was my 1st week to my degree programme civil 1st day was very busy busy busy la cause 1st day go take my offer letter at ba then go do my new id . Haiz blur blur like that go do liao then suddenly my friend told me eh not today do la u see nicely ur id 2007 want so u cant scan things . then i was like @__@ . Haiz gonna do it again . Ok lor nvm tmr go do . Before that sad story la the moment i go back my U at the accomodation there all my beloved friends staying cendikiawan and only the 4 of us stayed amanah damn la F*ck la . I want cendi !! ok back to the story ok then nxt day i went ba again go do the new id ok la successfully liao . then normal lor nothing much happen just i like the way dr.shibli teach damn cool nice leh . I like it hope i can score in his class . Then on friday , around 1 pm like that sit taxi to ktm serdang lor then while waiting suddenly i receive a phone call i was shocked lor my ah jie called say saw me at ktm serdang she also going back to ipoh say coming to this side going kl sentra want . Then ok lor she ran come my side here but hor the ktm reach liao and walao the ktm was full of ppl but i managed to get in la ^^ but sadly my ah jie cant so she was alone sitting there . I saw her outside alone but she looks ok energetic girl haha . Then she started msg me lor then we chatted until sadly my phone low battery liao . Sorrie eh ah jie sorry .. . .. that`s all la will update neway ktv karaoke on nxt blog so stay tuned =D .


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