Friday, July 31, 2009

Cemb111 ( material lab )

The shaker

The story like this friday morning about 6 30 am woke up d cause got class at 8 am . U know la the uniten bus is how de . So was blur when waking up cause yesterday bout 2 am only sleep . Ok lo then after woke up I go clean myself lor then about 645 liao i go pack my things cause today going back my homie hehe . Pack until bout 715 am go out sit bus reach coe food court bout 730 no ppl there yet i think too early liao la but nvm la i ate maggi goreng lo . then 8 am i go bd lab was going to do my 1st lab on the 1st year civil haha was excited though . . then the lab instructor about 815 only come out and explain bout the experiment . So we are the 1st group la doing the sieving of aggreagiates lo me and my group doing the fine aggregates while group 2 doing coarse aggregates incase u all dont know what is aggregates well fine aggregates are like sand while coarse aggregate is rocks small rocks lo . Ok let`s get on 1st we need to arrange the sieve size from small to big lor then we put at the shaker to shake for 15 min . Then after that hand shake for 2 min so it eats up a lot of time but the process was not bad la . Haha can say happy also la LOL . . .

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