Saturday, July 18, 2009

The worse wedding dinner I ever had

Yesterday nite I went to hokkien association la cause my father friend son wedding mah ok lo then as usual lor go waited for like 1 hour till about 9 o`clock only start Zzzz wtf is going on la always need to wait those ppl can come earlier want ah say 7 3o sharp means 730 sharp la . . . Haiz everytime also like that ok lor then nvm la . I also getting used to it liao . Ok then about 9 pm like that start then i also like normal lo eat 1st . Then the uncle on my table want say eh young boy call beer drink then i remember 1 of my friend also call me drink la although I got skin allergic but nvm la try lor ok lo then the uncle called the person who pour the beer want call her come lo . Ok lo then we also drink lor . Then the uncle say eh nowadays ah young boy and girl hor if no get on bed hor sure no married want unlike last time our time hold hand hand only then get married liao then the whole table also discuss about this topic lo . Damn funny and real ! haha . . ok then the nxt food come liao so we eat lor then the other uncle say eh young boy beer can drink but dont smoke not good want . then i was like oo ok ok i dont smoke and drink want =D . Just trying out only haha . Ok then after that the fish vege all also not nice everyone at the table also like dont want eat liao . We just chatting only after that finally left the last masterpiece the table initially got 10 person but left like 2 to 3 person only . Then u know what happen la . LOLz . So the overall dinner suxXxxs i can say that . .

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