Friday, July 17, 2009

chris agian

usual day..after telling the truth makes me feel guilty..hopefully u will continues wif life..haha juz learnt autocad thursday..adrian,sitting beside me reli hav no idea wat to do..unit*n nt oni system sucks bt instructor sucks..whenever adrian ask : "hey how do this"..instructor:"die lo " .For me,his behaviour is idiotic..brainless git tat do nt know wat is teaching..should hav pack stuff and f*uck off frm's an assignment anyway..wat to do ? crack my brain gua..apart frm tat, hav anyone heard of paying money for working wif others ? well,eg: unit*n debate club likes doing so..never been in such a demanding society..well,let me start wif the story : last thurs i was an ajk and i held the responsibilty of helping out the society.There were about 80 students and everthing run smoothly as they planned..b4 the gatherings end,our junior birthday boy on july were given chance to eat a cake tat was bought frm secret recepi..names were announced and my cute little "juniors" were so excited to cut cake,made wishes..wat else ? one birthday girl even seemed touched..i could see tears in her eyes..later on, after seniors fetched our "cute juniors" back to their appartment,all the ajk including me were forced to pay for the cost 70 bt since my senior lazay to calculate he charged us rm5 each person..on the spot there were at least 20 ajk..guess wat ? 20 x 5 = rm100..our flaming dragon even asked : do we need to eat cake with tissue? (coz cake is being cut into at least 20pieces and it's too small ) well..this teached me a good lesson..there were things may seemed touching bt it hidden lot of conflict and reason behind it..anyway..can anyone answer me..y can't debate club sponsed us ? since we ajk being so hardworking promoting debate ? well,sure my cute junior will be next victim of debate if the birthday girl joined debate..i will quit debate and no last word

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