Friday, July 17, 2009

Dissapointed and Getting used to it

Ok the story is like that i thought we were frens and I believe U so much that I shared everything with u . But sadly I know that U dont treat me as ur frens instead U are using me as a doll playing around when u need only u find me if no u just `fu yan ` me . Ok I understand but pls dont like that la just like the jay chao song ` ni bu guo yao ren pei ` now I totally understand what type of person are U d . If u ask me honestly I felt dissapointed to lost a friend but well what to do I am getting used to it d . So sad but on the meantime I am ok and got a happy feeling about it cause I finally know what type of person r u . If my dear readers still remember the 4 types of friends that I mention very early in my blog and U i categories U as the friend that`s the worse take ppl weakness as ur strength . Ok la no more comments speechless d . Bb . take care dear readers . Pls dont misunderstnad is not the 6 of u all is someone else . One more thing I am not emo anymore I just like to do things alone that`s all . Ok take care bb .

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