Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Transformer 2

Today woke up about 8 something cause want go watch transformer with friends then 950 reach telok gadong ktm station sit ktm to subang ktm then sit bus to sunway pyramid . My friends and I then go redeem our ticket at the cinema cause we booked yesterday . After we watch transformer i would like to say transformer is awesome man the best movie i saw so far in this year !! Haha ... starting I was sad cause optimus prime dead cause he want protect that boy , Sam but finally Sam rescued Optimus prime and both of them save the world once again what a happy ending Haha ! nice o today bought a new reebok bag quite satisfied with it . There my baggie .
U know today i went studio R buying this baggie that time very funny i saw this bag then i firstly surely la everyone will check the price 1st . The i see hmm not bad what rm70 only can buy la reasonable price . Then i was checking the quality lor which 1 the best among the five then found 1 with a 20% discount tag with it but that`s not the best quality inside . But nvm la i took the best quality want and go to the counter . After that the girl at counter say rm70 pls . . . then i was like hmm i tought got 20% discount cause saw got the 20% discount tag there . Then she was no la where got this want new stock no discount want . Then i say ok lor i bring u go there and see . Then she follow me to where the bag was placed and i found the bag with the 20% tag lor . Then she say ok got 20% discount but the worker that work at that section need to pay the 20% cause of his recklesness haha so funny i was la wah lucky i go check if not got to pay rm70 liao lo haha damn lucky man . Hmm about the worker sorry la who call u forget to take the 20% discount tag off and thanks lor !! =D