Wednesday, June 23, 2010

High court visit

Yesterday was my first time visit to high court but sadly is not as exciting as i thought it shud be . Yesterday early morning around 8 am i follow Ms. Aisha ( the new lawyer ) to go the court for some settlements . We reach shah alam high court around 830 am & quickly we went inside the high court . For the readers out there , if u think high court is only 1 court like those shows then sorry to say it will dissapoint u . It isn`t that big as u think is just like a classroom big only & the judge is always late . Ms. Aisha tell me that she don`t like to come to court cause everytime things will be delayed or postphone . She then quickly go queue up & ask for the results for the appealing . Then sadly the interpreter ( talk on behalf of the judge ) say this case has been postphone to next wednesday which is 30th of June 2010 . She was expecting this to happen so she feel nothing about it but i do feel that this is such a waste of time & our alert for waking up so early in the morning for this case . Unfortunately , this is a very common thing for lawyer`s so what to do . . Lawyer`s are being paid to this . . & of course some paper work la . So overall , the visit to High court is not as fun as expected earlier , but i still have fun wif Ms.Aisha who brought me to go see other cases . Thanks a lot Ms. Aisha :)


  1. LOL!! I know, if you get a chance to sit through a court case, I can guarantee you, the process of case hearing is god damn slow'll bore the hell out of you..

    It's totally nothing at all like in the movies..

  2. haha . . Yea it`s totally different from the movie . . Btw how u know d ? haha

  3. company does Labour Law cases as well and I've been in a Domestic Inquiry, which the scene is somewhat like in court. Everything has to be hand written, what ever the claimant and defendant says. Had a hell writing down everything.

    The best part is, when both parties talked to fast, we have to remind them, please talk slower, we have to write down everything, don't so rush..LOL!!

  4. LOL ... tough job huh haha . . Yea i totally agree wif u & they speak so softly u can`t even hear what they are trying to say @@ .