Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Today my boss & I went to A.T Bah Kut Teh there eat cause his friends are there. Then we were told that the chinese tea cause rm 8000 ! yea u heard it rite rm 8000 . So call us go there try the 8k tea lor . The tea is not as good as expected mayb I don`t know how to drink kua. So back to story , among my boss friend there is this sifu master see feng shui 1 & can see what are ur characteristic through ur face. So when he see my boss , he say my boss is a profession, everything is stable , will be very rich when he is old . Then the sifu turn to me & he say well u are a profession also . Just that u need to be brave on things just go do it only don`t think so much already . . & I think it is true so I will change my view on things and take the risk . Like I always say no risk no gain . Cheers ~

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