Friday, July 2, 2010

Something to share

I suddenly remember it was this year chinese new year where I went to my aunt house for gathering . After eating lunch together with all of my aunt , uncle & cousins my father and I sit down at the sofa and rest for a while . After that , my cousin a kinda successful mechanical engineer come and talk to us . He was saying that my father can be very happy already because all of his sons & daughter have went to Universities . Then my father reply and say a lot of people already went to university nowadays . Then my cousin reply ya it`s true also but you need to know there are even more people out there that do not attend university before so be glad that you have been to university & make great use of it . After I hear this statement from my cousin I decided it is really true and all my perspective towards many things has change and I can feel it to . I also had learn a very important advice from an article i read . It goes like this do not let your emotions control you , you must control your emoticons instead . If you let your emotions control you then you are stupid because it makes your whole day go wrong due to your failure to control your emotions .One more thing , my best friend told me d if you are being too polite with people , people will have pressure towards you . When they speak with you they will be careful when talking with you hence , sometimes if you want to find friends sometimes you don`t need to be too polite with the guy . Well don`t get me wrong I did not say that you should not have polite with you when you are making friends . Eventually , what I really mean is don`t too over polite when you are making friend this will make the situation even worse then you expected to be .


  1. Kinda true..and also cox people might felt awkward to be close to you cox you are too on's not that comfortable..and by being too polite you'll never be able to stand up for yourself..but what I'm saying is, if you are over the limit of politeness.. so, just be who you are without having to cross the line..=))