Tuesday, June 22, 2010


On father`s day I had a fabulous dinner with my family at imperial restaurant . Then while chit- chatting my mum suddenly talk about my uncle ( yea my uncle the beside one ) i believe most of you knw what happen to my uncle ( the beside one ) . For those who don`t know can ask me lar in msn or sms or call me . So continue with story , so as I say my mum suddenly talk about him , then she say this uncle very cham don`t know how to plant seeds de , if u plant apple seeds then it will grow apple tree ma , if u plan pineapple seeds then it will become pineapple tree ma . Ok just cut it short , the conclusion is this theory is same use as us human , we treat people with respect and heart , people will also treat us back with respect and heart .

So reader`s start respecting people if u want people to respect u : )

P.S :For more info about this post can find me lar cause is something sensitive .

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