Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Lesson Learned

Today my boss , mr.bae & me was on our way to kl to meet a developer for some matters . While on the way to kl , we had some chit chat on the car . My boss & mr.bae ( his personal assistant ) advise me a lot of things . So to make a summary or to make things clearer i made it into point form . Here it goes :

- 1st thing what i learn was to enjoy the things u are doing . That`s very important might in terms of study or work we should always enjoy the things we are doing .
- Always try to make all the parties to be happy & be more understandable on one`s situation
- Never create unnecessary problems , meaning don`t create problems that are not problems .
- Always be on time .
- learn a bit about construction & laws
- not to speed , speeding is dangerous , safety first
- Need to stay connected with old friends
- Help people if you are capable of helping .
- Never stop learning
- Usually when there is a mistake or problem arose we human beings will look for the cause of this mistake or problem & start to argue about whose mistake or problem is it and hence tense to forget to solve the problem . Therefore , whenever a problem arose we should settle the problem first before we find the root of the mistake and don`t repeat the same mistake again .

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