Thursday, June 17, 2010

Bf & Gf

Today when I go fetch my mumy back from work , my mum saw a friend of her`s and chat a bit . The conversation goes like this :

Mum : Hey long time see you already
Uncle : Yea it`s been a while so how are you ?
Mum : Yea still ok , everything still ok
Uncle : oo , then good lor like that * on the meantime looking at my direction * is that your son ?
Mum : Yea that`s my son
Uncle : wah , ur son so big already then you can enjoy your life a bit already
Mum : Yea , he`s my yougest son
Uncle : Ur son look handsome lar ( sarcastically as I fell ) == sure a lot of girl waiting and queue till long long
Me : No lar where got . . . Wait Uncle to introduce only . .
Uncle : Silent . . .
Mum : How bout your daughter she get married after F5 Spm how`s she ?
Uncle : Silent again . . .

After we move on and leave the Uncle alone LOL . . Then on the way back inside the car :

Me : Just now the uncle daughter so young married do wrong thingy are ?
Mum : You say leh ? sure lar do wrong thing already .
Mum : You now got gf or not ?
Me : Still don`t have lar . . . feeling abit weird already . My friend some got gf already but I still don`t have .
Mum : Aiyo . . . nevermind lar slowly lor have GF need money d wor ( my mum knows how to think LOL ) & wait for your faith to come lor .
Me : Yea lor nowadays Kao lui need use lot`s of money d . Wait faith come ah the time i think i age 24 d lor . After graduation only got chance to know more girls cause my U no girls de O__o
Mum : Silent . . .
Me : Also silent already . . .

After that incident , I think I need to change my attitude towards things already . To be a better person . Wish me luck again :)


  1. LOL!! both your mum and the uncle like fighting only..

    Don't rush, my friend..believe in've still got a long way to go..let everything flow by itself.. =))

  2. Haha . . no lar just normal chit- chating only .

    Haha , true many ppl have tell me believe in fate & let it flow by itself but u know lar sometimes things aren`t the way they are . haha
    So how bout u?

  3. Me? lol..still waiting for fate to fly to me..

    But I was told, fate is created by ourselves..oh well, we shall see..

    However, I'm holding a believe that, if its yours, it will be, if it ain't yours, it will never be..