Thursday, June 10, 2010

Things to be done

Well there are a few things to be done and hopefully I will follow it . Here it goes :

- Getting better results than before
- Make more friends
- Reduce my weight ( 10 kgs )
- Stay healthy
- Clean my car every weekend
- Have more passion towards things
- Be more organised
- Play badminton every weekend
- Be more patience
- Stay connected with old friends

Hopefully I can follow what I have set and go for it . Wish me luck = )


  1. Let's see, a new month resolution, is it not? How are you doing coping with them lately?

    Oh ya, clean the car every weekend? Like seriously? Thumbs up for a guy who actually wants to commit to that, as far as I know, not many would.

    Keep it up!

  2. Yea i think this can so call a new month resolutions lar ... haha , well doing pretty well here coping with them getting better results as before since i enter uni my results are getting better every sem .

    haha . Yea seriously about the car washing for every weekend doing it since i bought the car :D

    thank you for the thumbs up haha . . how bout u ?? :)

  3. me? ahahah..for now, my resolution will be, to control my temper at home..bad bad temper nowadays..>.<

  4. Aiks .. what happen to u ?? don`t , u need to control ur temper to get things done if not things won`t be done and people around u will run away >.<